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We recently began work on a new project, BII is short for Building In Ireland, and the website is aimed at both the building industry and the home user who is planning on building a house, renovating their current house, or doing any type of small job to their own place.


The idea is to give building industry professionals a place to advertise their own business. It doesn't matter if its a building contractor employing 200 people, or the local electrician that works on their own. Anyone who has a business connected to the building sector can post their details on this site.

Now obviously after reading the first 2 paragraphs alot of people will immediately think, A) The building sector is dead and has no money to advertise, and B) No-one is building new houses because no one has any money!

We completely understand that, and that is why we are making this site FREE! It costs absolutely nothing to post your details on the site. Yes that is right completely free!

We're still working on it and making tweaks, and will be for another while yet, but if your interested in seeing it for your self, check out