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Digital Image Recovery

The move to digital photography has made it possible for everyone to be a photographer! Gone are the days when your camera would only take 24 pictures on a roll, and you never knew how a picture came out until you got them developed!

Now you take your picture on your digital camera, you can check it see how it came out, and re-take it if necessary.  It only takes a second, and you've got a memory that will last a lifetime. Until..



You've been meaning to get pictures on your 2gb memory stick developed, or at least back them up to your PC or laptop. But you never get round to it, plus there is probably a few that need to be deleted anyway. Now your out for a night out with the gang, or out for a family day and you want to take a few pictures of the gang. Your card is nearly full so you need to delete a couple of pictures to make space. Then it happens, you accidentally click delete all instead of deleting just the one picture. There goes all your memories, pictures of nights out with friends, family communions, christening, cousin's you haven't seen in 10 years, all gone and lost forever.

Thats where we come in! At Evolution IT, using specialized software we can backup all your old pictures, and keep your memories alive!

For a flat fee of €25, we will restore all your old pictures, back them up to a DVD disc, and leave your memory stick ready to hold all those new memories.

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